What is a Total Body Healing Program?

A Total Body Healing Program is perfect for anyone who is suffering from illnesses/symptoms that are keeping them from fully enjoying their lives. I create all Total Body Healing Programs specifically with each client’s needs and health goals in mind. All of my Total Body Healing Programs are based off the groundbreaking information that Anthony William aka the Medical Medium has shared with the world regarding healing illness and disease. Anthony William has successfully healed over 250,000 people. I then take this information and add it to my own personally customized plan you for. I design a program specifically for you to heal from the illnesses and/or symptoms that you are personally suffering from. Whether you are chronically ill or just wish you had more energy, I can help you eat better to feel better!

What is the difference between a weight loss program and a total body healing program?

My weight loss programs are designed to help you lose weight, feel great and be full of energy! Your personalized weight loss program will include the specific dietary requirements, fitness routine, herbal recommendations, and wellness tips & tricks to make sure you successfully meet all of your goals!
While many people often do successfully lose weight on their Total Body Healing Program, Total Body Healing Programs are designed to help people heal their whole body from the inside out. A Total Body Healing Program helps you to break free from the illnesses and symptoms that have been holding you hostage and live the healthy life you deserve! With your personalized Total Body Healing Program that I will design specifically for you, we will get to the root cause of your illnesses and find out exactly why you are sick. You will then embark on your healing journey with me by your side every step of the way!

Do you offer payment plans for your programs?

I am currently not offering payment plans for my programs

Are your plans safe while pregnant?

While my programs are indeed very safe and healthy, I would not recommend beginning any new program while pregnant.

I have specific food allergies/intolerances, can your programs be adjusted to meet my dietary needs?

Yes, absolutely! My programs are designed to be very allergy friendly. All of my programs are free of corn, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs & shellfish. I also specifically ask in your initial health assessment if you have any additional allergies or intolerances. I then adjust your program to meet any of your dietary needs.

Do you offer vegan or raw vegan programs?

Definitely! All of my programs can be designed as either conventional (including animal protein), vegan or raw vegan.

Have any other questions?

Please, feel free to Email Me