My Total Body Healing Programs are based on the information that Anthony William, the Medical Medium has shared with the world.


Anthony William has devoted his life to helping people overcome illness and disease. When Anthony was just 4 years old, he shocked his family when he announced at the dinner table that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer. Medical testing soon confirmed his diagnosis. Anthony William has gone on to help over 250,000 people heal from their illnesses and symptoms. His groundbreaking information is years ahead of medical science.

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“Anthony is a trusted source for our family. His work in the world is a light that has guided many to safety. He means so much to us.”
Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower De Niro
“Whenever Anthony William recommends a natural way of improving your health, it works. I’ve seen this with my daughter, and the improvement was impressive. His approach of using natural ingredients is a more effective way of healing.”
Martin D. Shafiroff, Managing Director of Barclays Capital; rated #1 broker in America by and #1 Wealth Advisor by Barron’s
“Anthony William pinpoints what your medical condition is with incredible accuracy and then tells you exactly how to fix it. He will turn your life around.”
Dick Shepard, D.C., holistic doctor, Seattle