2-week Introduction to Plant-Based Program $49

If you are interested in learning more about a plant-based lifestyle then, this is the perfect program for you! In your 2-Week Introduction to Plant-Based Program, you'll learn all about what it means to be plant-based, what you will be eating on a plant-based diet, the health benefits of eating this way and how bringing more plants into your diet will literally change your life! This comprehensive plan also includes a detailed 2-week plant-based menu with recipes, daily motivation & inspiration, plus, 14 days email/text nutritional counseling & support!  Start Now

Plant-Based Muscle Building Program Coming Soon!

2-week Weight Loss Program $69

If you’ve been struggling with your weight then, this is the perfect plan for you! Bringing more plants into your diet literally transforms not only the way you look but, the way you feel as well. You’ll be amazed at all the delicious foods you can eat while shedding pounds. Plus, if you're lacking energy, this plan will have you feeling more energized than you have in years! Your personalized weight loss program includes a 2-week menu & shopping lists, recipes, extensive healing & weight loss information, herbal recommendations, fitness plan, daily motivation & inspiration,plus, 14 days email/text nutritional counseling & support! Start Now

*Also available as a 4-Week Weight Loss Program $119 Start Now

Total Body Healing Program $249

Is your health holding you back from living the life that you dream of? Are you sick and tired of barely being able to get through your day? Have you lost all hope for improvement? Then, a Total Body Healing Program is just what you need! I’ve been exactly where you are and know all too well how frustrating and lonely you are feeling. In your personalized Total Body Healing Program that I will design specifically for you, you will discover what the root causes are behind the illnesses & symptoms that have been making you sick. I will walk with you step by step through your personalized treatment plan, guiding and supporting you along the way!
Your Total Body Healing Program will be designed specifically for you with your personal healing goals in mind. Whether you are chronically ill or just wish you had more energy, I can help you eat better to feel better! Everybody has specific healing foods that work to support their individual healing needs. I will show you which foods would have the most healing benefit specifically to heal your body and how to make them work best for you. I will also teach you which foods are the most important to avoid and how to cut those foods out of your diet in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. I am here to work with you and together we will change your health and change your life for the better. You will be amazed at how eating the right foods coupled with the right healing information can begin to heal your body from the inside out!

Your personalized Total Body Healing Program will include:
1.) Detailed description of the root causes behind your illnesses & symptoms
2.) In-depth total body plan for healing, including dietary, supplement and herbal recommendations
3.) Daily motivation to both inspire you & help keep you on track;
4.) 1 month of email/text nutritional counseling & support!
5.) Essential oil & aromatherapy recommendations
6.) Emotional & spiritual healing recommendations *(optional)
*Once you purchase your healing program, you will fill out an initial health assessment. One of the questions that I ask is whether you are interested in receiving emotional & spiritual recommendations as part of your program. If you select yes, I will include these in your program at no additional charge! Start Now

General Nutritional Counseling & Support

If you aren’t looking to purchase an entire program but, would love some nutritional counseling and support, schedule a text question/answer session with me. I can’t wait to talk to you!

30-minute text question/answer session $59 Start Now

60-minute text question/answer session $99 Start Now